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4 min readMay 20, 2021


It’s going to be an expensive week!


We had our well pump installed! I know, I thought the well drilling was expensive enough and you’re telling me we have no access to the water yet?? You have to hire a separate person to install a pump. So that was another $5700 on top of the $7540 for the well. Yikes. At least we won’t ever have any water bills! We will build a cute little shed around this eyesore.

Our 7 large picture windows arrived and of course while they were on the way we got the call that one cracked. They delivered them anyway so as not to slow down the timeline for us. We installed it, so we could finish up the exterior siding and interior walls etc, and they ordered a new glass to have fit in later, 4 weeks or so. Luckily this means we have 4 weeks until we have to pay the balance for these windows haha. I think in total they all cost around $7000.

We are hoping to get the rest installed today! (It’s been a week since they were delivered).

Exterior siding is up with new window in place

Septic is also in and we passed inspection for that! This half day job took our contractor 2 days to get to slope perfectly. Luckily we just paid a flat fee of $4000 and didn’t have to pay per day or hour of work.

We are also starting drywall tomorrow since all our spray foam insulation is in (re: another $3700). See pics below. Crazy how a little insulation just lightens the whole space up!

We have opted to drywall the ceiling in between the beams. Big change to the customary wood panel look but this will save us approximately $5000. The price of wood is so high right now and primed shiplap is no exception. Plus I do really like the clean, minimalist European look of drywall in an Aframe ceiling so in the end I think this cost savings will look better and make us feel better! See my mock up below. Obviously this window is different, didn’t have a choice here, just so happened to have the option to design a room that looked SO similar to our cozy loft space on the Redecor app.

The boring under the road is complete ($1900) so now we can have someone run the electricity from the road to the house! This is calculated per foot and will cost $5000. We’re just happy all our utilities are all coming together!


We are STILL putting in irrigation and with no rain in site this has quickly become our priority in the vineyard. This is taking a lot of time. Irrigation requires line posts which you recall we were just taking our time with but in order to string hoses across the vineyard they need something to clip to. Nonetheless we have the whole Petit Verdot block irrigated and we tested it yesterday! That’s 1/4 of the vineyard so we are not there yet. I am in charge of ziptying the hose to the wires and posts and also punching holes and installing drip emitters. If I haven’t done 500 squats (one at each vine in the block I’m working on) before noon, I’m not working fast enough lol. My legs and arms and shoulders are all totally beat after days and days of this with no end in sight and temperatures rising!

That’s all for now!



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