Aaand we’re back!

What a busy holiday season it has been! We’ve been working non-stop it seems, are sore everyday and aching in new places but nothing has ever felt better!

Let me catch everyone up.

We sold our van, yay! One less car in the garage.

We dug all our footers, got the inspection in before Christmas and then filled with cement! Yesterday was spent fitting and anchoring our sono tubes for the next round of cement pouring on Wednesday.

Ps Dan is an extreme perfectionist and hates that because of the angles of these pics certain things don’t look perfectly level etc. so just know that we leveled everything every step of the way.

Delphi or Cleveland?

It has been raining here a lot as is fairly typical in winter but that means we have downtime in which we can’t traipse around in the mud immediately after a rain so we began to work on a fence! There are two main fences on our property, the one by the road which is quite a long bit of frontage and is currently a post and barbed wire fence and there is the one we’re putting in by the driveway up to the tasting room. The one by the road we will just put up some 2x6 slat style fencing to attach to the posts already out there and the one up to the tasting room will be a split rail fence because I love this style….very “English cottage”. I can’t wait to plant the bare root David Austen roses I’ve ordered for the spring and weave in wild flowers, lavender, russian sage, nigella, black eyed susans, etc. Below some progress shots and also an inspiration picture.

The terrain just below the fence line is extremely rocky, gravely, steep and in full sun so I need to choose my plants carefully so they don’t mind poorer soil, dry conditions and heat. After the flower border along the fence, in the steepest part I’d love to plant some ornamental grasses. It wont be possible to get up there to water or prune so I need something bushy and low maintenance. Love this Muhlenbergia capillaris!

We’re spending today calling lumber yards to secure all the wood we need to frame the house. I cannot wait until we’re standing 8 feet off the ground on our wooden platform versus in the mud! Dan is estimating approx 6 weeks spent framing the house assuming we don’t have any lead times on wood. We’re already starting to think about finishes and ordering flooring, etc. we have Dan’s dad on standby for HVAC and will have our septic and well put in in the next week or so.

Thank goodness for, as of yet, mild winters here…it’s helping us tackle a lot!



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Limoges Cellars

Limoges Cellars

Dan & Kristina Limoges, an adventure in startup vineyard farming in North Georgia.