Framing & Planting Party!


Wanted to first announce that we’ve scheduled a delivery date for our vines for the first week of April and we’ll want to get them in the ground between April 2–4 so we’re hoping to get a group together on April 3rd to help make a big dent in the planting work! The event is rain or shine and it will be a full day, most likely starting at 8AM but we’ll have a light breakfast for those who would like to arrive a bit earlier. We’ll provide lunch, waters and a “champagne” toast after the work is done! We can’t wait to show everyone around and get friends and family involved in the hard, behind the scenes work that takes place before a single bottle of wine can be produced. No experience required, just bring a hat if it’s sunny or rainy, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in, some good walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen. We’ll provide more details in email form once you sign up. Just shoot us a message at or on instagram @limogescellars if you’d like to join!

It’s crunchtime in the vineyard and we’ve gone ahead and measured and staked both acre planting areas to get an idea of exactly how many vines will be in each row so we can start thinking of where we’ll need to spread our final amendments like compost and more lime/phosphorous if needed. We’ve also ordered our 10 foot end posts for the rows and are getting ready to order some irrigation tubes. We’ll need this month to focus on getting our posts in the ground and block out where each vine will get planted, then we’ll need to rent a skidsteer auger to pre drill all 2000 holes before planting day and hopefully trench some irrigation. We are hoping we’ll have a well by planting day so we have a source of water but if not we’ll buy a big tank of water.


The roof is up thank goodness and the water proof wrap so we’re free to move on to framing the rest of the house! We started with the big front windows because those have a 4–6 week lead time once we get the rough opening measurements. We are in the process of getting a firm quote as well as a quote for installation in case we don’t feel comfortable lifting glass that high…although a steep install price will do lots to motivate us! haha

As you can see above we’ll have french doors centered on the bottom, with two rectangular glass windows flanking them (the triangles will be walled off so we can put a corner fireplace unit in the living area), then a big square window above and three triangles surrounding.

We also began with the second story loft that will span almost the entire house minus the open living areas so luckily in the shorterm we’ll have plenty of storage up there until we build a barn.

While my dad and I finish this up, Dan will work on the kitchen wall which will be a vertical wall that juts out just a bit. This will require cutting into our aframe beams and erecting a load bearing support wall.

Above left is before we had finished the top most portion of roof and to the right you can see the second floor beams extending beyond the aframe. We’ll definitely be cutting them shorter but have left them as is for now.

Ok I happen to have written this post over multiple days so here’s a progress pic of our framing so far:

Things we’ve ordered for the Aframe include: bathtub, vanity, toilet, shower head and bath fixtures, kitchen sink. We’re picking up a refrigerator and dishwasher today from FB market place, can’t beat a $450 Miele panel ready dishwasher (panel ready are insanely expensive…whyyy?).

More to come soon!

Dan & Kristina Limoges, an adventure in startup vineyard farming in North Georgia.