July Showers

Limoges Cellars
4 min readAug 2, 2021


We’ve been living at Limoges Cellars for almost 1 whole month!

We finished the home build “officially” (i.e. were granted occupancy) but we have LOTS of little cosmetic things left to do like trim, baseboards, beam wrapping, staining the deck areas, pantry doors, closet doors, painting here and there and enclosing the underside of the house. Phew. It’s a lot and we’ll take our time. But because we now have a permit to live here we were finally able to get insurance which was certainly a scary thing to be without for a while. We didn’t think about insurance until we were about half way through the build and it’s almost impossible to get builder’s risk insurance in the middle of a build. So we did lots of praying that we wouldn’t have any issues and quickly worked our way to the finish line so we could insure the house. We feel much better now!


We have had SO much rain! April showers had nothing on June/July…we have had so much growth in the vineyard it’s been difficult to keep up and difficult to spray and get good coverage to protect the vines from disease!

June and July were rampant with Japanese beetles, and end of July we started to see mildew in the vineyard, so we pruned ALOT just to help with spraying and airflow. Look at the difference here in vine growth from beginning of July to end.

We are still trying to get weeds under control directly under the vines. Dan went through the whole vineyard with a weed eater, thanks grow tubes for protecting our babies!, and then sprayed a gentle weed killer so we can prevent future weeds from creeping up. So hopefully that will take effect soon.

We got vineyard row tags! This is going to be a big help when we spray so we remember what row we leave off on and don’t have to finger count…

Dan is 2 days away from his NAPA trip and is so excited to take a little break and sharpen his wine making skills. If you’re a wine geek and aren’t listening to Jim Duane’s “Inside Winemaking” podcast you need to be! We learned SO much just by listening for a few years and making wine at home. Jim is the host of this exclusive deep dive into wine making event that I know is going to grow Dan’s confidence exponentially.


If you’re not following us on Instagram I’ll post some home pictures for you since the last ones I posted were still with an unfinished exterior!

It’s so positively cozy and alpine. We feel like we’re always on vacation. The hardest working vacation but still a joy, you know?

A big project we tackled this past week was the shower, finally! It feels like the perfect little oasis.

Some other joyful little moments.



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