Vines are planted!

Limoges Cellars
3 min readApr 6, 2021

I can’t tell you the stress leading up to this day to have everything ready and organized for a crew of 30 to plant grapes! Late nights of waiting on deliveries, getting posts in the ground, digging 2000+ holes (thanks Judy and Andre for driving all the way down from Iowa to make sure we got this done!), spreading compost and lime around 2000+ holes. It was never ending. But we knew as long as we could get to planting day and get through it, the hardest part of the year would be behind us! As much as we know there will be lots more hard work this year, it finally feels like we can take a minute to catch our breath.

I wanted to take a minute to write out the names of those who volunteered with us this year and made it possible for us to finally call this vineyard a vineyard! THANK YOU!

Kelly Cornett, Amber West, Christy Hansen, Amy Bither, Mike Juliano, Jessica Padilla & friend, Abby & Bre Gaskins, Stacey Doyle, Kirk & Michelle, Linda & Marty, Chamberlaine Beard, Sithara Ratnayaka, Cathy Papadopolous & friend, Vanessa Echeverria, Margaret Tinkoff, Katie Mccurry, Don & Donja from Elite Excursions, Marc & Kimie Rosenkoetter, Judy & Andre Limoges, Jose & Susan Ortiz-Villajos, Elena Ortiz-Villajos

(For those who brought friends/family, anyone I left out, please comment below their names and I will add them!)

Now for some pictures!

Kelly took this picture at dawn, isn’t it serene?
Left to Right: Amy & Mike, Linda & Marty, Dan, Jose, Kelly
Margaret, Vanessa, Katie, Bre & Abby, Chamberlaine
Sithara, Kai & Koa Marc and Kimie’s kids
Sunrise over Yonah & Pink Mountain



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